As storm clouds chase.

I watch as the pain drips from your eyes,
no honey dipped words from my lips tonight.
Silence has embraced this house and filled it with quietness on the inside.

I look on at you on the balcony, staring out the window at the dark clouds.
Wiping away tears of frustration and confusion
your breaths deep as you struggle with the monsters and demons you hold inside of you.
I feel the distance between us even beside you.

On the bed is where you come and curl up beside me,
Laying all your trouble and allowing me to hold your heavy heart.
I hold you and kiss your forehead with the delicacy you’ve come to love all these years.
I myself wage war internally as I fight with these tears.

The storm raging on both fronts,
Inside this house and inside our hearts.
I rip my own heart out and turn it to paste to make sure yours does not fall apart.

A reassuring kiss on your trembling lips
A whispered “I love you” as we get
tangled in this bed, we have made just for moments like this.

We battle those storms like sailors-
our hearts are the precious cargo below we have to protect,
Loving each other as if it were possible for this ship to one day break.

Inside our minds are grey clouds that roam and search for days we don’t expect,
Faster we drive away as storm clouds chase.



Of Souls and Spirits

She was a enigma,
A force of nature that was beauty in its essence.
No I don’t know her personally but I was her witness,
A witness to the words of wonder and worlds she’s created and written.

Every drop of ink laced with passion,
Every keystroke pushing my heart to its limit and even past it.
Her dark hair pulled back as she stares at the canvas- worries absent.
With a single touch she makes her impression that will be everlasting.

Fearless Soul,
Your words take me to places I did not know I could go.

I watch from amongst the trees,
If there is a possibility that she feels the same as me about these written things.

I write endlessly and aimlessly taking these pieces piece by piece and playfully making them the same as me.
A Spirt-
A representation of what truly lies within and wanders the places no one should be.

An Obscure shade,
A Collision of Old Souls
leaving a Valiant Soul
forever in my memory.



The air around my being is ice cold.
I sit on the second floor balcony of my sisters home missing home but,
backwards is never the right way to go.

Goosebumps on my skin I feel everything through this thin shirt once again.
If it rains I might go back in,
It depends on if the sunset wants me to chase her again.

Cotton candy skies my heart’s as heavy as a billion bricks,
December comes bearing frozen gifts
none of which I actually care for in the end.

Take your pick hug or kiss
and once again I’ll tell you that a world where I don’t love you doesn’t exist.

The air around my being is ice cold
and the heat from my heart is as warm as I will ever get.

Earth (Raw Earth)

“…and she was so much more than my young eyes could perceive. She was the most loving and lively of things but she was not for me, she belonged amongst the green.”

What more can I do but reach into the dirt and pry my way into you.
If watered and nurtured correctly could I too become invincible?
To you am I but a wandering ghost or am I more than I know?
You are the only thing that will be here long after everything goes.

Great goddess Gaia-
My eyes fall upon you as you tend to the trees,
My heart a avalanche in my chest as I struggle to breathe and struggle to believe that someone as beautiful, caring, loving and nurturing exists within this sea of howling things.

I dig into the earth with my feet feeling the ecstasy of the planet surge within me.
My eyes closed as I feel everything and every reason you care about this place as much as you do,
I open my eyes to see you staring lovingly and knowingly back at me,
a bow of appreciation and admiration is the least I can do for you.

Your auburn hair and soothing eyes
are all I want to remember under the moonlight tonight.
Let the power of your love roll over the earth as many times as I,
the love that you have given to me along with the nurturing that nature continues to recieve will forever be something worth celebrating till the end of time.


In the Raw Earth is the only place you’ll find a goddess that kind and divine.


I want to be with you.
I want to be intertwined with you as we lay upon our bed,
My hand in your hand,
Your legs tangled in mine as we listen to the duets of our heartbeats and breaths.

I want to expirence you.
I want to see what you do when you’re alone.
As you cook breakfast and forget about that piece of toast and the whole kitchen begins to fill with smoke.
We laugh about it as I open windows, I smile to myself taking in yet another memory that I’ll forever hold.
My flower covered hands pull you close.

I want to love you.
I want to love you in ways that I never knew.
We lay side by side on the sand at the beach as you turn to me and say,
“these are the things I want to remember when I can’t remember anything”
My heart flutters as I know exactly what you mean.
You stand to take a picture of the sea and turn around to me on bended knee.
That moment was the greatest moment to me,
Reguadless of anything that happened previously I knew that you were everything to me and I wanted to hold on for eternity.

I want you.
I want you to understand that whether we’re 20 or 60,
the way my heart felt about you on that very first day is the way it will always remain.


How many ways

How many ways can I show you how much I love you?

Can I show you with a tender kiss?
Would that be enough to display my tenderness?

Could I gather hundreds of your favorite flowers just to show you that just like roses bloom my love for you does too?

What if I wrote you poems everyday for as long as we lived,
Would that be enough words to express how much passion for you spews from my pen?

Tell me love, what I could do to express to you how much I truly do love you.


He roams all places that are void of the life they once had.

He collects pieces of broken hearts,
Starts fires with old memories and often connects with the solemn somber stories of lovers who were left in the past.

He’s never vocal
Never on the front line of any conflict
You’d be lucky to see him in person
or in any form that is anything but transparent.
He’s a fleeting thought, a quick dream,
someone that would much rather observe than be seen.

An ancient soul way too old for the body that barely manages to hold him.
He was happy back then,
back in the years of love and trust and innocence.
Back in the years before he lost his elegance and reverence,

back before he began carrying that damned heaviness.

He’s a wanderer now.
Forest drifter
World transient
Soul roamer.

Jumping from host to host
going coast to coast to find the most beautiful things in life
that may reinvigorate his hope
and rekindle his inner light.

But for now he exists within those quiet spaces in the world bringing deafening silence
Searching for another in hopes of living in coherence.

Some may calm him
gentle ghost
or even passing passion but the name that suits him is

Wandering silence

“…and I had never loved someone as intensely, unconditionally and unapologetically as I loved her. A feeling I could never express vocally but I found there was hope for me in these written words.”

Today I woke up at 2am
Hot and restless and began writing yet again.
I’ve created worlds for you,
cried for you,
lived and died for you
Over and over again.

We both promised things when we were young many years ago,
Things we shouldn’t have, things we had no choice but to let go.
I never lost hope,
A part of me still thinks you’ll come back but in this life there’s really no way to know.

I will miss you distance aside,
Every time I think of those nights
That we held each other close and cried
while we fought for our will to survive-
I still miss you distance aside
You were my light in the darkest times
You were the love that kept this old soul alive.

I was your poet and your poet only but now I roam and fill these places others deem lonely.
A wandering silence if you will.

I roam and fill those places with a energy that you taught me to wield living solely off will and words to soothe the hurt.
I am the muse of the haunted and bruised.

I said that I’d never write for or to you again
and I actually went a while before I failed in the end.

But once these words start to spill from these open veins I let go of the reins,
Until the spaces between us leads me to you again.


Earth (Terra-formed)

In the raw earth I let my hands roam

Into the richness and the life that has brought so many stories of passion and love that burn bright.
Into the dirt from which I rose that had opened my heart after I thought it had closed tight.

Mother of the earth,
Who but you can breathe life into things that were considered lost?
Who but you produce vibrant trees and plants and vegetation for no cost?

I am amazed by you
I close my eyes and dig deeper into the dirt to feel the life of the universe.
No one but you can excite and calm me as you effortlessly do,
No one being in this universe understands me like you do and can so easily heal my hurt.

I see your human host in the form of a woman of the woods-
naked in all her glory and grace
as she races through the grass and trees with haste.
There really aren’t that many words to say
as I am consistently left speechless by you every day.

Oh how I long to be held by you and kissed by you and made warm,
Oh how I wish to be made who by you and only by you will I be terraformed.


Inspired by “Fire in winter” by Tara Caribou


Everything feels like a dream tonight

The way your skin glows as you lay across these cotton pillows,
The way your naked body beckons for me under the light of the fireplace,
As you look at me with those eyes that could cause a thousand of the strongest men to break.
You are a goddess in my eyes
You are all I want tonight.
You are all I need tonight.

Into your arms I fall as I kiss your lips with a burning passion that aches from within,
I’m centered right between your hips as we kiss again and again
and I dive into your waves over and over again

The fireplace burns hot and you begin to melt into ecstasy-
I am addicted with this.

Your moans are the driving force that makes me give more force and strength as I fall into you over and over.
My lips on your neck and my arms tightly around your waist.

As we pick up pace and love, passion and euphoria spreads across your face.
Your legs now locked around my waist as we burn hotter than the fireplace.

Your moans now cries of pleasure as I struggle to not shatter and break.

I put a hand around your throat
As you cry out “I’m so close”
My only desire is to dive deeper into your ocean and not float then drown beneath your depths and remain soaked.

We embrace and brace ourselves for the earth shattering, ground breaking, planet shaking explosion of lust and love and physical bliss that leaves your legs shaking and aching for more.

We repeat for hours into the night as we show the fire what it means to burn.