Phantom feel

The rain slides down the glass and collects on the windowpane-
The phantom pressure of your lips on mine
coils around my body and constricts,
crushing my insides.
It’s a feeling I’ve grown accustomed to,
learning to never fight and never strain.

Who holds the secrets to the heart?
I pace around the discarded and charred remains of what once was-
trying to understand,
trying to come to terms with the change.
Trying to make sense of everything.

But sometimes stones are best left unturned.

Vivid images of our glory days framed in stained glass.
I’ve buried what we could’ve been beside what we were in the past.
Even though I’ve put those emotions to rest,
the faint feeling of dissatisfaction still coils slowly in my chest.

The tears roll down my face
I allow them to drip slowly from my chin,
to feel the phantom pressure of love long lost
moving inside of me again.



I found myself laying still in a field of
white carnations.

I don’t mind love being the only thing to survive.
Maybe it’s poetic, maybe it’s ironic
it’s not up to me to decide.

I wished the sun away to appreciate the soft lullaby of the moon
not knowing that I would freeze.
I asked the rain to never stop to see if the water could make me feel something
not knowing the sea it would make between you and me.

I adopted the flowers and through them
I loved and lived free-
carried by the wind that held me ever so tenderly.

In a field of white carnations I found myself,
laying still.

Daughter of the Dark

She descended upon him from the midnight sky as soft as a feather from a dove.
Beings from across the universe all groaned in sadness when it happened,
she was the great blackness

and he was in no way prepared.

He didn’t fear her and she knew it,
she loved it because she had hoped he was real.
It brought excitement in her existence that she hadn’t felt in thousands of years.

She wasn’t from the clouds
but from the realm far more dangerous.
He was a man in love with the light,
believing no amount of darkness could change it.

If only he had been right.

Temptation, like doubt sways all-
She waited until he believed he was invincible,
until he was comfortable,
until he was sure, full of love and walking tall.
Then she shattered him in one small whisper
and held her hands out as the pieces began to fall.

No one knows what she said to him
that caused him to shy away from the light,
that made him seek out the night.
It changed him
into something more heartless.

The Lady of the Light noticed,
It broke her because she knew
that he had been possessed
by the Daughter of the darkness.

Photo credited to @arcusxx on tumblr

Lady of the Light: first contact

I dreamed of her,
hands on my skin
my hands around her waist
in a place where no one could see.

I was free
of worry and pain and
for as far as I could see
there was darkness,
but I wasn’t afraid.
I welcomed it and so it did to me.

She lay there on a bed of the elements-
A breathtaking being of
light and love and sex and trust.
Divine feminine energy-
Almost too beautiful to comprehend visually.

I joined her there
and she welcomed me.
My body sparkling like the stars of the heavens under the aroura I laid upon her.
A song of angles escapes her lungs as
she takes hold of me and places me within.
The room explodes in electricity and heat.

In those moments of bliss filled ecstasy
I couldn’t breathe
but I didn’t notice nor care
because she was the only life I would ever need.

My existence and life forever changed
by the Lady of the Light



White birds fly against a dark grey sky
Clouds move towards the east, slowly
It’s been so long since I’ve had someone to hold me.

No one can give company to the truly lonely.
If given the opportunity to return id hesitate
or simply not do anything.
My heartbeat echoes loudly in my soul.
Any piece of mind I have is when I give a piece of mind to the cool wind that blows.

We do stupid things for love,
and even though we repeatedly mess up
no one really wants to give up.

White birds fly against a dark grey sky.
I clipped my own wings to appreciate what I had taken for granted in time
which helped me store the wind that I was gifted inside.


The taste of her lips is hypnotic-
Words will never be enough to fully grasp
how fluently she speaks to me using her body.
I’m speechless even thinking about it.

Nail and bite marks on my skin from when
we got too passionate,
she’s a hellcat wild and free.
She comes and leaves as she please.

Night falls and most of the town rests
while love is being made and desires are fulfilled
somewhere in the distance.

We’re a tornado of
kisses and licks,
pelvic thrusts and gyrating hips.
Tightly closed eyes, slick skin and
breaths that are hitched, rapid and quick
A collective cry as passion finally begins to drip.

She opens her doors and calls me in
and I give her everything I have, everything I can.
We’re helplessly and hopelessly addicted
to each other and emotions we give.
I never want to go back to a life before
I got to taste those lips.